Fresh Pork

At J&J Packing Company, we like to say that we sell everything but the oink. In other words, we sell everything pork. As a pork distributor serving Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, we are stocked year-round with the freshest pork products and whole pigs. If you need to buy in bulk, we also carry frozen pigs and frozen cases of items like skin, bone, ribs, jowls, and even blood. Our retail store is open Monday-Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm, Saturdays 7:00am to 12:00 pm, and Sundays we are Closed.

Fresh Pork Products

1 Gallon of Blood
Pork Blood- 1 Gallon
$13.00 each

16 oz. Cup of Blood
Pork Blood- 16 oz. Cup
$1.65 each

Baby Back Ribs
Fresh Baby Back Ribs Avg. Weight (1) Rack: 2-3 lbs.
$4.09 lb.

Fresh Pork Belly- No Ribs- Skin On
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 5-8 lbs.

$3.49 lb.

Fresh Pork Belly- Ribs On- Skin On
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 15-18 lbs.

$3.19 lb.

Fresh Pork Bones-Neck Bones-Leg Bones
+ $0.65 cents to Cut

$1.29 lb.

Fresh Boston Butt
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 4 lbs.
$2.39 lb.

Caul Fat
Fresh Caul Fat
$2.29 lb.

Fresh Pig Ears
$2.19 lb.

Fresh Pork Feet
+$0.65 cents to Cut
$1.29 lb.

Ham (No Feet)
Fresh Pork Ham with No Feet or Leg
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 18 lbs.
$2.09 lb.

Ham (Whole)
Fresh Whole Ham
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 20-22 lbs.
$1.99 lb.

1 Fresh Pork Head
$1.09 lb.

Fresh Pork Hearts
$2.19 lb.

Hock (No Feet)
Fresh Pork Hock with No Feet
(Front Leg No Feet)
$2.19 lb.

Hock (Whole)
Fresh Pork Hock with Feet
(Whole Front Leg)
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 4 lbs.
$1.59 lb.

Fresh Pork Intestines
$2.29 lb.

Fresh Pork Jowls
$1.29 lb.

Fresh Pork Kidneys
$2.19 lb.

Fresh Pork Liver
$1.29 lb.

Fresh Whole Pork Loin- Bone In
Skin On or Skin Off
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 12 lbs.
$2.59 lb.

Loin (Boneless)
Fresh Boneless Pork Loin
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 10 lbs.
$2.69 lb.

Pork Chops
Fresh Pork Chops
Skin On or Skin Off
Cut Any Size Thickness
$2.59 lb.

Fresh Pork Spare Ribs
Avg. Weight (1) Rack: 10 lbs.
$3.19 lb.

Shank (Whole)
Fresh Pork Shank- Whole
(Whole Back Leg with Feet)
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 4 lbs.
$1.59 lb.

Shank (No Feet)
Fresh Pork Shank- No Feet
(Back Leg- No Feet)
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 2 lbs.
$2.19 lb.

Shoulder (No Feet)
Fresh Pork Shoulder with No Feet
$1.89 lb.

Shoulder (Whole)
Fresh Pork Shoulder- Whole with Leg and Feet
Avg. Weight (1) Piece: 15 lbs.
$1.79 lb.

Fresh Pork Skin
We DO NOT cut Fresh Skin
$1.45 lb.

Fresh Pork Spleen
$2.19 lb.

Fresh Pork Tongues
$2.19 lb.

Fresh Pork Trimmings
De-Boned Hams and Shoulders
No Skin
*We DO NOT DICE or CUT Trim*
$2.29 lb.

Cut Charge (Per lb.)
Anything that we cut at J&J is subject to a cut charge of $0.65/lb. more. Products we charge to cut include: Pork Feet, Pork Bone, Pork Ribs, Pork Chops, and Frozen Pork Skin. We DO NOT cut Trimmings.
$0.65 lb.

Fresh Porksides

Half of a Pig
Includes: 1 Shoulder, 1 Belly, 1 Loin, 1 Ham

Avg. Weight (1) Pork Side: 60-80 lbs.
$1.99 lb.

Ham-less Porksides
Half of a Pig- No Ham
1 Shoulder, 1 Belly, 1 Loin

Avg. Weight (1) Ham-less Pork Side: 60-70 lbs.
$2.23 lb.

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