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Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

Accept Food Stamps
Accept Credit Cards
Roasting Pigs
Pork Products
Pigs 19 to 100 lbs.
Your Pig or Ours


Wholesale Delivery to restaurants and stores in Houston and surrounding areas.

We specialize in fresh Roasting Pigs and we will ship anywhere.

We Custom Kill: Includes scraping, skinning, quartering and chill. There is an additional charge of 20 cents a pound for requesting specific cuts.

Retail Sales open to public for fresh or frozen pork.

Office is Bi-Lingual

We accept all major credit cards.

We provide Bio-Medical products for medical research. These products include

Heart Valves, Corneas, Joints, Vascular System Products, Intestinal, Hard Tissue and Soft Tissue.

Referrals for whole roasted pig, seasoned to perfection.

Terry Luedtke has been in the livestock business for more than 30 years. He secures the best product that compliments the plant.


We Serve
Restaurants Grocery Stores Retail Food Outlets Hospitals Institutions Medical Research
The Holidays are almost here! Call today to reserve your Roasting Pig!



FAX 281-934-1909

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