Roasting Pigs FAQ

Do you cook the roasting pig?

No, all roasting pigs at J&J Packing Company are sold fresh or frozen.

Do your roasting pigs come with the head on?

Yes. All roasting pigs (Less than 100 lbs.) are sold whole with the head on, feet on, and skin on. You can request to have the head removed, but you will still pay for the full price of the pig (head included) if the pig weight is less than 100 lbs.

Roasting Pigs Over 100 lbs. can be purchased with or without the head. If the head is removed, the weight of the head is not included in the price.

Are your roasting pigs degutted and dehaired?

Yes. All roasting pigs sold at J&J Packing are degutted and dehaired.

What does “dressed” mean?

The term “dressed” means that the pig has been degutted and dehaired. It can also mean “ready to cook.”

How are your roasting pigs packaged?

Fresh Roasting Pigs are sold covered in a thick clear plastic bag. They are not vacuum sealed.

Frozen Roasting Pigs are sold in a box that is lined with a thick plastic bag.

What is the Butterfly Cut?

The butterfly cut on a roasting pig is when the chest and stomach are opened to allow the pig to lay flat. This creates a butterfly shape.

You will always need the butterfly cut to cook your roasting pig in a La Caja China Box.

How long will my roasting pig stay fresh on ice?

Generally, a roasting pig that is packed very well with ice in a cooler will stay fresh for *24-48 hours.

*Given the ice is replenished every few hours.

What size cooler do I need to transport my roasting pig?
  • Pig Weight: 40-49 lbs. or Less
    • Suggested Cooler Size- 48 Quart Cooler
  • Pig Weight: 50 – 75 lbs.
    • Suggested Cooler Size- 120 Quart Cooler
  • Pig Weight: 75 -100 lbs. or More
    • Suggested Cooler Size- 150 Quart Cooler or Larger
How long will my pig be?
  • Pig Carcass Weight: 20-30 lbs.
    • Estimated Length: 37-41 in.
  • Pig Carcass Weight: 30-40 lbs.
    • Estimated Length: 41-45 in.
  • Pig Carcass Weight: 40-50 lbs.
    • Estimated Length: 45-50 in.
  • Pig Carcass Weight: 50-60 lbs.
    • Estimated Length: 50-55 in.
  • Pig Carcass Weight: 60-70 lbs.
    • Estimated Length: 54-58 in.