Welcome to J & J Packing Company, Inc.

J & J Packing Company, Inc. is a USDA Federally Inspected Pork Products Distributor located in Brookshire, Texas.

We are a quality conscious wholesaler serving grocery stores, restaurants, and additional retail food outlets in the Houston area, and the surrounding Texas counties. We have a well-established reputation for supplying the finest roasting pigs and fresh pork products.

J & J Packing Company has been Family Owned and Operated by Terry and Robyn Luedtke since 1998.

The plant has been in continuous operation for more than 50 years.

Visit Our Retail Store

Our Retail Store is Open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. You can place your order by phone and pick it up at our location or just stop by to see what we have in stock. We specialize in Whole Fresh Roasting Pigs that are ready to cook, but we have a variety of Fresh Pork Products for sale everyday. Some of our more popular items include Pork Trimmings (to make sausage), Fresh Hams, Fresh Ribs, Pork Chops, and Fresh Pork Belly. See our Price List for more information.

Shop Online, Pickup In-Store

Now it’s easier to place your order at J&J Packing. We are so excited to be able to serve our customers faster, more efficiently, and more conveniently. With just a few clicks, you can place your order, choose a date and time for pickup and we will take care of the rest. Maybe you have a party coming up and you need extra time to prepare. With our new online shop, you can place your order on your schedule. The online shop never closes. We strive to be a one-stop-shop so don’t forget the ice and the charcoal! You might even try our gourmet spices, gourmet rubs, and the very popular “Cuban Style Mojo” made by La Caja China and other leading brands in the market.