Fresh Roasting Pigs

All Fresh Roasting Pigs Include:
Head On, Feet On, Skin On
All Pigs Are De-Haired & De-Gutted

*Call 2-3 Days in Advance to Reserve or Reserve your Pig Online*

Fresh Roasting Pigs

Roasting Pig 19 lbs. and Under
1 Fresh Roasting Pig 19 lbs. or Less
$4.09 lb.

Roasting Pig 20-29 lbs.
1 Fresh Roasting Pig 20 lbs. – 29 lbs.
$3.79 lb.

Roasting Pig 30-39 lbs.
1 Fresh Roasting Pig 30 lbs. – 39 lbs.
$3.59 lb.

Roasting Pig 40-49 lbs.
1 Fresh Roasting Pig 40 lbs – 49 lbs.
$3.39 lb.

Roasting Pig 50-69 lbs.
1 Fresh Roasting Pig 50 lbs. – 69 lbs.
$3.19 lb.

Roasting Pig 70-89 lbs.
1 Fresh Roasting Pig 70 lbs. – 89 lbs.
$2.79 lb.

Roasting Pig 90-99 lbs.
1 Fresh Roasting Pig 90 lbs. – 99 lbs.
$2.59 lb.

Roasting Pig 100 lbs. and Up
1 Fresh Roasting Pig 100 lbs or More
Max Size: 150 lbs. (Special Order)
*Can Also Special Order Larger*
$2.29 lb.

Roasting Pig 100 and Up (NO HEAD)
1 Fresh Roasting Pig 100 lbs. or More (NO HEAD)
*Must be over 100 lbs. for Special Price*
$1.99 lb.

Fresh Porksides

Half of a Pig
Includes: 1 Shoulder, 1 Belly, 1 Loin, 1 Ham

Avg. Weight (1) Pork Side: 60-80 lbs.
$1.99 lb.

Ham-less Porksides
Half of a Pig- No Ham
1 Shoulder, 1 Belly, 1 Loin

Avg. Weight (1) Ham-less Pork Side: 60-70 lbs.
$2.23 lb.

Special Cuts

Butterfly Cut
Service to make one cut down the front of the pig but still leaving it in one piece so that it lays flat and looks like a butterfly.

You will always need the Butterfly Cut to cook your pig in La Caja China

Quarter Cut
Service to Cut into Primal Cuts

6 Pieces or 8 Pieces

Service to De-bone the entire pig but leave it as one piece

Remove Skin
Service is to Remove the Skin from a Pig or Porkside. Customer can keep the skin if desired.

Cut Charge (Per lb.)
Anything that we cut at J&J is subject to a cut charge of $0.65/lb. more. Products we charge to cut include: Pork Feet, Pork Bone, Pork Ribs, Pork Chops, and Frozen Pork Skin.
$0.65 lb.

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